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Spiders, Mice, Ants, Rats & Termites
The SMART Choice in Pest Control



Termite infestations need to be quoted to decide the treatment. This is mainly due to the size and shape of the house, sheds and garage. The chemical products used will be either Termiticide (main product), Premise, Termidor or Biflex.



A range of treatment options are available. This may include spraying the exterior of house, sheds, garage, pavers, pathways and driveway. Gel baits can be used for the interior of your house, roof voids, sheds and garage. Dusting the wall cavity and roof void with a powder is also an option. Granular treatments are also available for grass areas.​



Cockroaches are treated by spraying the exterior of your house and spot spaying the interior of the kitchen and bathroom. Gel or aerosol spray is placed in the kitchen cupboards and the wall cavities are dusted with a powder.​


Mice & Rats

Baiting stations are placed in areas where mice/rats have been sighted. Additional baiting stations are also placed in the roof void, sheds, garage and yard. Extra cost for refilling baiting stations.



Spider infestations are treated by spraying an insecticide around the perimeter of your house, sheds, garage, fences and pergolas. This is followed by dusting the cavity walls with a powder and spot treatment on the interior of your house. Extra cost for web removal and window cleaning following a spider treatment.


Bees & Wasps

The vents where the bees/wasps are entering the house are dusted with a powder. An aerosol is also sprayed directly onto the bees/wasps nest.

biting insect

Biting Insects

Treatment involves a blanket spray of all floors on the inside of the house. May also have to blanket spray the yard area.


Treatment involves spraying the exterior of the house and yard, especially the garden beds.

carpet beetle

Carpet Beetle

Carpet Beetle is treated by spraying the interior of all rooms in the house, mainly around the skirting boards.

pantry moth

Pantry Moths

The pantry needs to be cleaned out of all items and all foods should be placed in containers. The interior of the pantry is treated with a spray and sticky baits are then placed in and around the pantry.

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Lawn Grubs

Treatment involves spraying the lawn area. It is essential that no pets are on the lawn whilst the treatment is taking place.​


Carcass Removal

Treatment involves removing the carcass of the rat or possum, deodorising the site and checking the roof void and subfloor if accessible.​

Termite Inspections

Inspection of all dwellings on the property including all rooms in the house/unit, roof voids, sheds, garages and fence lines. If floor traps exist, checking to see if they are cleared of furniture. The inspection will take approximately 2 hours and you will be given a written report.

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About Russell

I am experienced in all forms of pest control, specialising in termite treatments.

I started in pest control in Darwin, Northern Territory in 1998. I worked all over the Northern Territory mainly doing termite treatments in urban areas and remote communities.  In 2001 Catherine and I decided to move to Adelaide to be closer to family.  I continued working in pest control for a local company for the next 18 years and decided to start my own business in early 2019.

I am a fully insured and qualified Pest Control Technician licenced by the South Australian and Northern Territory Governments.

I am committed to providing a quality service, effectively removing pests from your home or business, explaining everything I do along the way.

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At Russell’s Pest Control you can expect the following from us:

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Russell's Pest Control is 100% owned and operated by a South Australian Local.

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We offer competitive pricing. We are upfront with our pricing for all our services and have no hidden fees.

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Russell holds a Cert II in Asset Management (Pest Management Technical) and a Cert III in Asset Management (Pest Management Business)

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Russell is available between 8am & 6pm 7 days a week.


"I have known Russell for over 3 years now and have always been impressed with his knowledge, service, quality and professionalism. I highly recommend him and feel safe knowing my home had been professionally inspected and protected to the highest standards. It’s great knowing I can call at anytime for advice and suggestions- something you don’t get with big companies. I appreciate the personal touch and will be continuing to protect my house with his services. Moreton Harding 2019."
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Russell is available between 8am & 6pm 7 days a week.

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